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Static mixer companies encourage employees to pay attention to communication methods

Release time: 2019-2-20
Praise is the most direct motivational method. A good compliment is tantamount to a clear spring in the desert and refreshing. Many leaders like this way of motivating and praise employees for not saying good things about themselves. But leaders must pay attention to their words when praising excellent employees. If they affect the emotions of other employees, they will lose more than they pay.
As mentioned earlier, teamwork is very important. Only when a team comes together and works together can it exert its great power. If team members are fighting each other, and no one is convinced, it is better to go their own way.
There is a medium-sized static mixer company whose sales department often organizes activities outside, and all members of the department work together to carry out the activity vigorously. This year, the sales department overwhelmed several other departments of the static mixer company and became the best department in the static mixer company. All the employees of the sales department were happy, the manager was happy, and a private dinner was organized for the sales staff only. Come to celebrate.
After three rounds of drinking, the manager took an employee named Zeng Xue beside him and said, "Our department can be the best department in a static mixer company. Xiao Zeng contributed a lot. It is always so hard to work. Too desperate. I personally feel that he can account for half of the department's entire performance. "After the manager said this, a brief silence appeared on the wine table, and the atmosphere was restored after a few minutes.
He does not mean that. Many employees of mixer manufacturers were thinking about the topic that night. Is Xiao Zeng really better than himself? Does he really do more than himself? Even if it is more, can he really make up half of the credit? The answer is no As a team, the entire department, each member performing his or her own job, has contributed to the department, just because some positions are easily noticed by leaders and some tasks are easily ignored behind the scenes. It is true that Xiao Zeng has performed well, but the manager said that Xiao Zeng's performance can account for half of all the department's performance, and other people were not convinced.
Since then, the working atmosphere of the entire sales department has changed. Things that could have been done simply have begun to become more complicated. The members of the department no longer work together and even start to crowd out Xiao Zeng.
In this way, the entire sales team became a piece of sand, and the work efficiency was greatly reduced. Xiao Zeng, who was used as a role model by the manager, also offered to resign shortly after, because his colleagues' exclusion made him unbearable.
In fact, the manager introduced Xiao Zeng as an example to motivate other employees to work harder, but because his excessive exaggeration caused other employees to be unhappy, it had the opposite effect. A team is like a machine, and everyone is an indispensable part. Although the parts are divided into primary and secondary parts, the machine cannot run normally without any part. When leaders want to motivate team members, they can promote a good employee as a representative, but must not overstate the role and credit of the employee, so as not to cause jealousy, dissatisfaction and resentment from other employees.
Praise compliments need skills, and criticize employees more skills. As a negative incentive method, criticism has huge risks. It is necessary to pay attention to both the intensity and the occasion. An accident may injure the employee's face and self-esteem. Such negative incentives will only end in failure.
To criticize employees, we must first grasp the scale. No one is perfect, and sages also make mistakes. It is not impossible to forgive employees for making mistakes, but criticism allows employees to remember their mistakes and correct them later. However, if the criticism is too strong and hurts the self-esteem of employees, employees will feel that they are being tit-for-tat by the leaders, that the leaders are deliberately motivated, and even start to doubt their abilities. From then on, they will hate leaders and disobey them. As a result, the management of static mixer companies will increase in the future.
In addition, the critical approach adopted by leaders must pay attention to protecting the self-esteem of employees. As the saying goes: "People fight for breath, Buddha fights for incense." Criticizing employees in the face will make employees unable to step down, and even become ashamed and angry against the leader.
Mr. Mond serves a German automobile company and can be said to be one of the successful people in the industry. Whenever someone asks why he succeeded, he would mention his former superior Schubert's inspiration to him. He said that Mr. Schubert was a very serious person. Although he was kind-hearted, he always looked dark to his employees, and the employees were afraid of him.
Mond was very sloppy when he first joined the mixer company. Although he often used his skills to work, he made a lot of mistakes because of his carelessness. Whenever he made a mistake, Mr. Schubert called him to the office and criticized him privately.
Once he made a big mistake, if not for timely remediation, I am afraid that the static mixer company will lose a quarter of revenue. Mr. Schubert walked angrily into the employee's office, and Mond saw Mr. Schubert in a rage, and he was so frightened that he was afraid to spit out and waited for approval. To his surprise, Mr. Schubert did not immediately criticize him, but instead asked him to visit his office with a calm voice.
After Mond entered Mr. Schubert's office, Mr. Schubert did not erupt like a volcano, but just criticized him with a tone of hate for iron and steel. Mr. Schubert's criticism approach moved Mond deeply, and since then he began to take care to correct the careless ills and succeeded. Someone asked Mond what he would do if Mr. Schubert criticized him on the spot. Mond smiled and said, "I'll just drop his resignation letter on his face."
Leaders criticize their subordinates for not being malicious. They are often well-meaning criticisms. They want employees to get rid of their shortcomings and deficiencies. However, when people's self-esteem is hurt, they will inevitably feel embarrassed, make irrational moves, and resign with anger. may.
Communication is inseparable from language, but if you ca n’t express your opinion clearly in language, what people understand will be very different in the end.
It is said that a US military unit once passed the order like this:
The battalion commander informed the officer on duty: "At about 8 o'clock tomorrow night, Halley's comet will probably appear in this area. Such a comet can only be seen every 76 years. All soldiers are ordered to gather on the playground in field uniforms, and I will ask them Explain this rare phenomenon. If it rains and gathers in the auditorium, I will show them a film about comets. "
The officer on duty informed the company commander: "According to the command of the battalion. Comet Halley will appear over the playground at 8 tomorrow night. If it rains, let the soldiers line up to the auditorium in field uniforms. This rare phenomenon will occur there."
The company commander informed the platoon leader: "According to the commander of the battalion, Comet Halley will be wearing a field suit to appear in the auditorium at 8 pm tomorrow. If it rains, the commander will issue another order, which is only issued every 76 years. Will appear once. "
The platoon leader informed the squad leader: "At 8 pm tomorrow, the battalion leader will bring Comet Halley in the auditorium, which is only happening every 76 years. If it rains, the battalion commander will order the comet to wear a field uniform to the playground Go up. "
The squad leader informed the soldiers: "When it rains at 8 tomorrow night, the famous 76-year-old General Harley will be accompanied by the battalion commander in a field suit, driving his comet car and passing the playground to the auditorium."
This is a joke that has been circulating for a long time, and it can be seen that information will inevitably change through word of mouth. Even if the message is delivered in person, as long as there is no speech, it will cause a misunderstanding in the text. Therefore, whether it is criticism or praise, when you want to communicate with the employee to motivate the employee, try to complete it in person, and do not borrow from others.
In a static mixer company, if leaders ask others to help pass information, problems are prone: first, employees will doubt the authenticity of the information; second, employees will feel that they have not been valued; finally, if the transmission is not in place, it will cause employees to perturbed. If the information can be delivered in person, try not to find a middleman to avoid unnecessary trouble and misunderstanding.
Communication is the simplest and most effective way to motivate, whether it is praise or criticism. But simple and effective also comes with risks, and if used incorrectly, it is easy to go wrong. If you want to motivate your employees through communication, you must think twice before they succumb. Piston pump companies set the right example
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